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About Shanghai Ventures


VISION: To be a national firm internationally recognized for the constant innovation
in the application of Venture Capital to boost human talent, development of technology,
and acceleration of companies disruptive.

MISSION: The operation and management of Venture Capital funds and business specializing
in the management of companies whose value proposition is based in the exploitation
of knowledge, human capital and "know-how".

Shanghai Ventures is a pioneer in Jalisco, México. We are a company dedicated
to the operation and management of Venture Capital funds and businesses.

We specialize in the management of companies whose value proposition is based
knowledge, human capital and "know how".

Our superior clarity and ability to systematically create value through the identification,
management and exploitation of intellectual capital of the companies is the main
differentiator and the "smart money" that we provide to the entrepreneurs we work with.

We currently manage and operate three Venture Capital funds, one distributed generation
solar energy fund, several companies through Directed Investments and a Startup Accelerator:

Our Projects



We currently manage and operate a private equity fund as well as various companies:






It’s our first Venture Capital Fund focused on early-stage service companies that require to complement their management team with financial, administrative and knowledge management skills.


Investment Portfolio

• ITDS Consulting Corporation: Dedicated to the development and implementation of administrative and operational management solutions for enterprises through information technology tools.

• Tech Audita: Spin-off company from ITDS Corporation that created Audita, an Information technology solution for personalized process auditing and supervision.

• WaveMAX Corporation: Multinational company specialized in WiFi and hyperlocation technology that manages SharedFi, the first WiFi Ad Server in the world.

• SOTANA: Dedicated to produce a perfect harmony between Tequila, Art and Technology. Tequila of immaculate quality, carefully selected art and exceptional illumination technology brought together to make the perfect gift.




Smart financing for distributed generation and alternative energy. It is the product of the collaboration between Shanghai Ventures Mexico and CAAAPITAL.


Private equity fund dedicated to financing installers of residential, commercial and industrial solar projects in Mexico.


DG Energy Capital invests under an asset-based structure. This allows installers to finance both the cost of construction and refinancing of new assets.




Alfa 1 Ventures is a Venture Capital Fund that groups directed investments from a family office.

• Acima: Digital Agency specialized in internet-based marketing strategies. Their strategies are solutions focused on economic results.

• AirTM: Peer to Peer USD account in the cloud. With AirTM, you can also send and receive payments instantly and for free to, and from, anyone in the world.

• Black Box: Black Box: Creator of a lifestyle concept revolving around Box. Black Box offers a functional training circuit combined with box that works resistance and muscular force in all the body.


• Contamax: Specializing in providing accounting and administrative services for startups who want to embark upon Venture Capital fundraising.

• Café Don Balbino: Company dedicated to the production and distribution of specialty coffee of the highest quality.





We have the ability to manage directed investments using all our capabilities to create value. We complement and support companies that want to invest in other companies by making and carrying out the investment strategy and company follow-up.

• CAAAPITAL: Multinational Company operating a global marketplace for funding directed investments in energy infrastructure in Latin America.






About Venture Capital Industry

The industry comprises of investors, fund managers, entrepreneurs and businessmen, consultants and specialized governing bodies, that together promote investment in non-listed companies through instruments that fund managers create for such purpose with the help of consultants and government.

The industry divides the funds based on average investment ticket sizes and company development stages, going from seed capital, venture capital, to private equity; each with their corresponding sub classifications.

You can review more information in our blog and the AMEXCAP official site, where you will find a variety of industry-related articles.

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